A Full, World Class Training Event, Delivered to You Online, Ready to Help You Thrive, Even in These Uncertain Times… by People Actually DOING IT!

Meet Your All-Star Line up of World Class Trainers

Ryan SerHant

14th & 15th SEPTEMBER 2020 - ONLINE EVENT
Silver - FREE | Gold - $299⁺ᴳˢᵀ  | Platinum $999⁺ᴳˢᵀ

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Imagine you, the next coveted
“Million Dollar Agent”!

It won’t happen by accident. And it’s most definitely NOT about more motivation. Nor is about harder work. Or longer hours. Or even newer technology.

And this  situation we are currently in does not HAVE to be an excuse.

What it IS about is you being uncomfortable. And in today’s environment, that’s not too difficult to imagine.

But I mean uncomfortable… but in a good way.

The aim at the Million Dollar Agent Summit 2020 is to show you that the uncertainty being felt industry wide, actually can be an opportunity for you to affect change, install new ideas (that we’ve already proven to work) and to stretch you professionally and personally, so you make the breakthroughs needed to take you to the next level.

Here’s the truth: the skills, thinking and techniques that got you to where you are today are NOT what will get you to the cherished “Million Dollar Agent” level for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Especially when TWO massive forces are at work against you…

Massive Force Working Against You #1

Consumers today are as scared as the rest of the world, and confused, yet they have more power, are more knowledgeable and have more choice than at any other time in history.

Massive Force Working Against You #2

The Age of the Disruptor is here… Uber in the taxi industry… Amazon in retail… and now the cut price agent in real estate is actively stealing your business and only making peanuts….. no business can survive continual discounting, so you doing the same or more work for less money is NOT the answer! (and we’ve seen countless examples of this tactic NOT working)

All of which means you have to be doing things better and faster in 2020 to combat these insidious new trends.

Which makes your attendance at Million Dollar Agent Summit 2020 critical to your results this year and beyond, and best of all, this year we bring it to your home, via Streaming Software, for FREE .

Here are 3 reasons why

We'll show you how to...
  • Generate leads that flow effortlessly into appraisals
  • What you need to do this year to convert those appraisals into listings
  • And how to close more deals with genuine win-win tactics applicable to 2020

You’ll see how to build your business thanks to the best “Principal Licensee’s / Business Owners”  in the industry sharing their strategic management know how…

And you won’t hear anything about lowering commissions or “we pay for marketing” tactics the cut price disruptors use.

As you’ll see, it’s not only possible, but if you apply what we show you, highly likely you can reach “Million Dollar Agent” level ethically, without selling your financial future to discounting.

  • James Tostevin

    Ryan Serhant

    You might recognize Ryan from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York or Sell it Like Serhant. He currently leads the #1 real estate sales team in New York City as ranked by The Wall Street Journal. Last year alone, his team went to contract and closed on over $1 BILLION in the most competitive real estate market in the world.

  • Jay Standley

    Jay writes more sales than pretty much anyone in Australia. Boasting an incredible 38 sales LAST MONTH personally himself, and averaging around the 200 sales per year, year in year out, in one of the most challenging markets in Australia. He carries, on average, an unprecedented 250+ listings at any one time. (probably worthwhile attending and listening to what he has to say…)

  • Glenn Twiddle

    Hey, it’s my event so I had to make the list! And it’s vital what I share, Facebook secrets in the post algorithm change world… plus an all-star line up of Million Dollar Agent Summit favourites and new experts (keep reading for details).

All of the material presented over the two days is NEW and/or PROVEN to work, even in today’s uncertain and challenging environment.

It’s all based on “WHAT’S WORKING NOW” to create “Million Dollar Agent” status.

My trainers and I will show you the combined results of literally millions of dollars of testing, not theory.

14th & 15th SEPTEMBER 2020 - ONLINE EVENT
Silver - FREE | Gold - $299⁺ᴳˢᵀ  | Platinum $999⁺ᴳˢᵀ

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Who Is Million Dollar Agent Summit 2020 For?

  • The Seesaw Agent who is sick of the “Good Month, Bad Month, Good Month, Bad Month” syndrome… you’ll walk away with actionable steps to not only “smooth” it out but increase deal flow and profits
  • The “I don’t want to work 80 hours a week” Agent who has a life and family outside of work; you’ll love the shortcuts and tips and strategies shared that give you renewed success but not at the expense of family or personal time
  • The “Real Estate is My Life” Agent – You know who you are, you live, breath and dream real estate and simply want to get better at your craft! These 2 days (3 if you’re VIP) will give you new ways to build on your success
  • The “new in the Industry and you’re feeling like a deer in headlights” Agent who would love more clarity and direction… this training will open the door to your domination the right way instead of a pat on the back, a point at the phone and a “good luck” from the boss
  • The “been around for years and it’s time to crank things up” Agent – no one wants to be overtaken by the young girls and guys nipping at your heels so if you feel it’s time to get back to the front of the pack this training will give you new ideas to add to your considerable skills and experience

Your ticket to Million Dollar Agent Summit 2020 Includes...

  • Access to the Million Dollar Agent Summit Online 14th / 15th SEPT 2020
  • Expert Keynotes and case study sessions designed around specific, ACTIONABLE topics
  • 2 Half Days of PURE CONTENT where you’ll learn “What’s Working Now” in Real Estate and how you can combine them to grow your business.
  • Business building bonuses you can access online as soon as you get home and whenever you want to
  • What it takes to get your business to perform at the million dollar levels and much, MUCH more!

14th & 15th SEPTEMBER 2020 - ONLINE EVENT
Silver - FREE | Gold - $299⁺ᴳˢᵀ  | Platinum $999⁺ᴳˢᵀ

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What to do next:

You will have to act quickly because we are limited by the technology we are using. All ticket levels are offered on a first come, first served basis. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t delay, especially when so much is at stake. (especially the one on one question time with Ryan Serhant at the VIP level)

Consider your career over the next 12 months…

The world will have changed even more in that time. If you do nothing now to boost your skills, there’s every chance your results will stagnate or fall away. That’s just the way the world works, now more than ever before.

Million Dollar Agent Summit 2020 is your chance to get ahead of the curve and stay there in the uncharted waters our industry faces I the next 12 to 18 months.

Book your ticket today.

I look forward to seeing you there.

14th & 15th SEPTEMBER 2020 - ONLINE EVENT
Silver - FREE | Gold - $299⁺ᴳˢᵀ  | Platinum $999⁺ᴳˢᵀ

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Million Dollar Agent Summit 2019 DOUBLE Your Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s the deal…

Spend the first day with us… attend the sessions, take notes, network, learn new cutting edge strategies… and in the unlikely event you’re not completely blown away by the training you get… if you feel like you haven’t got at least 10X your money’s worth by the end of the first day… or if you can genuinely look me in the eye and tell me you’re not thrilled for any reason at all…

I demand that you ask for a 100% refund.

But I won’t give it to you. Nope.

I’ll give you back double your investment! Yes, I’m that confident you’re going to get so much value from “Million Dollar Agent Summit 2019” you’re going to feel like you ripped me off by paying your low ticket price!

200% Guarantee

So you have absolutely nothing to lose. Even if you feel like your day with us is a complete waste (and trust me, you won’t)… the worst that can happen is that you’ll double your ticket investment. I can’t be any fairer than that.


14th & 15th SEPTEMBER 2020 - ONLINE EVENT
Silver - FREE | Gold - $299⁺ᴳˢᵀ  | Platinum $999⁺ᴳˢᵀ

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